IDE for distributed development of DApp and smart contracts
on new programming language

The global IT solutions market has reached over 350 billion dollars. We live in an era of capitalism dominated by IT giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle, SAP, etc. The work is largely done by programmers, IT designers, systems architects and other binary content creators, but the fruits of their labor are owned by corporations. This is a morally bankrupt, unequal system controlled by centralized organizations that serve as middlemen and take the lion’s share of the profits.

Genesis is a new paradigm of distributed real time labor that uses honest profit sharing between all creators of a product, cutting out the middlemen.

A New Era: Distributed development in real time

What is Genesis?

Genesis is a distributed development platform that gets rid of centralized middlemen by recording authorship in the blockchain. Inside the platform, we’re building a development methodology that supports the creation of IT ICO-funds, allowing step by step control of developers and payment for their services.

Who needs Genesis?

On the one hand, the platform will give investors full control of their investments, since the authors of Genesis-created projects will implement their projects one stage at a time and will not be allowed to access all of their funds at once. On the other hand, the platform allows the entire international development community to participate and build strong, competitive products.



Sergey Urnyaev

18 years of experience
A specialist in market analysis, competitor analysis, market research (choice of strategy, positioning, branding), statistics and sales analytics (as well as metrics), lead generation, SEO, sales funnel, ROI, usability, and UI/UX.


Svyatoslav Zaytcev

20 years of experience
Has managed software development and created software development methodologies. Security specialist. Developer of blockchain. Director of development of secure operating systems. Other experience includes automation, logistics, systems, machine learning for financial markets, and satellite control systems.


Vitaliy Emelyanov

20 years of experience
Project manager. Business manager. HR. Sales. Head of VIP Relations at Investsberbank (a major Russian bank). Director of “RunetBiznesSistemy” and head of its marketing department.

Vasiliy Nuzha

23 years of experience
Power plant software developer. Designed controllers for the SKP-11, TM-512, 8080, IM1812BM85A, etc. Built a GUI and reporting systems for Win API16, C++, Drivers Win16, and 386/486 assembly code. Built a VirtualPC terminal for PK Corvette. Developed visualization and data telemetry systems for TES Developed an abstract register VM. Languages: Ubuntu, C/C++, Linux drivers FXO, UDP, RTP, VoIP, STUN, etc.

Vyacheslav Poskonin

10 years of experience
Software engineer, experience in developing cryptographic information protection tools. Proficient in C++, JavaScript, Solidity and smart contract development.